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Welcome to the Wetaskiwin Outreach School.  We are a credit based high school program which allows students an independent, flexible learning environment. Students complete a variety of high school courses for credits toward their High School Diploma or Knowledge and Employability Certificate.


Ms. Karen Elgert

The Independent Learning Environment

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All courses at the Wetaskiwin Off-Campus are designed to be completed independently.  Staff are available for one on one assistance to those students who require help, but there is no scheduled class time or group instruction.  At times, some course work may require students to attend a “workshop” type of program delivery.  Students will choose which “workshops” they would like to attend.

Assignment booklets and exams will make up your grade for the course you are registered in.  Report cards will not be distributed, but progress reports will be given out at regular intervals throughout the course.  Students and parents can request a progress report at any time.

Attendance Expectations:

Although attendance is not mandatory at Off-Campus, we do have the expectation that students meet with teachers at least once a week. In some cases students will be directed by their grade advisor to attend Off-Campus on a more regular basis. The completion of course work is the goal that students are usually working towards.